Choosing Your Wedding Rings


The choice of metal for the bride’s wedding band is usually dictated by her engagement ring. The groom’s ring will often follow suit too. However, if the bride and groom have different preferences there is nothing to stop the groom opting for gold while the bride goes for platinum. In any case, here are the most popular options:

A yellow gold wedding ring is the traditional choice. 24k is the purest but also the softest variety, so is not generally recommended for wedding bands. 14k and 18k gold are less pure but harder and therefore more likely to make a durable wedding ring.

A white gold wedding ring will complement any silver or platinum jewellery you may have already. However, a white gold wedding ring is often plated with rhodium to enhance its appearance, and this plating is likely to wear off with time.

A platinum wedding ring is another popular choice. This silvery metal is highly resistant to damage. It’s much rarer than gold and is therefore more expensive, but a platinum wedding ring will last a lifetime.

A titanium wedding ring is a more modern choice since it is only relatively recently that this striking greyish metal has been used for jewellery. It is extremely durable and can be carved without losing its strength. A titanium wedding ring is a real talking point.


When it comes to the shape of the bride-to-be’s wedding band, the main consideration is how it sits with her engagement ring.

If the engagement ring is straight-edged, a classic, straight-edged wedding band will sit snugly next to it. However, the gemstone setting in some engagement rings will not accommodate a straight-edged wedding band. In this case you could either wear your engagement and wedding rings on different hands, or opt for a curved wedding ring, sometimes known as a fitted wedding ring or a shaped wedding ring.

Many curved styles can be bought off the shelf. Otherwise, a good wedding-ring jeweller can custom-design a wedding band to sit perfectly next to your engagement ring. You might find this a rewarding and symbolic process in itself.