Wedding Insurance Claim Information

We hope that your wedding day goes without a hitch. But should disaster strike or something go wrong that ruins your wedding day, providing that you’ve taken out wedding insurance cover, you’ll have the opportunity to set things right again.

If the worst happens all you have to do is make a claim on your wedding insurance policy for the insured element that went wrong on your wedding day, or in the immediate run-up to your wedding day. You’ll receive a lump sum payment from the insurer that will partially or fully cover the expenses you’ve incurred as a result. You are then free to ‘re-run’ that part of your wedding again without any additional cost to you.

It’s a simple and cost-effective solution that allows you to approach your wedding day with confidence and peace of mind.

Insurance cover for wedding photos and wedding video

You can use your wedding insurance policy to protect against problems with wedding photos and your wedding video. Should your wedding photographer or videographer fail to appear on your wedding day, or if the photographic negatives are damaged or lost, or if the original wedding video tape is lost or damaged, you can claim on your wedding insurance policy. When your claim is accepted you’ll receive a reimbursement that will allow you to have your photos or video retaken free of charge.

Protecting against loss of the wedding reception venue

Should a situation arise prior to your wedding day that threatens to ruin the occasion, you could make a claim on your wedding insurance policy and receive a reimbursement of funds, including deposits paid out, that would enable you to re-book alternatives free of charge. So, in the event that your reception venue has to close because of fire, flood or insolvency for example, the money you receive from your claim can be used to cover the cost of re-booking an alternative wedding reception venue.

Non-appearance of caterers or live entertainment

Your caterers and live entertainment acts are central to your enjoyment of your wedding day, and the enjoyment of your guests. If the caterer goes out of business before your big day, or if the live entertainment act fails to show up for your wedding event, it could potentially have a very big impact on your wedding plans. By opting for a wedding insurance plan that covers these elements you can rest assured that you won’t lose any deposit money paid out to these suppliers. It also gives you the opportunity to re-book new suppliers for your wedding day, or to re-run these elements free of charge at a later date.

How to Claim

Making a claim on your wedding insurance policy is very simple. Just contact the named insurer and follow their claims procedure. You can make an insurance claim online or over the telephone. The insurer may send you a form to complete. This you’ll need to return to the insurer for processing. Once your claim is accepted you’ll be sent a lump sum payment for you to do with as you please